What should I pay attention to when buying a walk through metal detector?

  • Mon 06,2024

Key Considerations When Purchasing a Walk-Through Metal Detector

There are many walk through metal detector products on the market. When choosing, you cannot judge the walk through metal detector by the price. The usability of the walk through metal detector is the primary purpose. When purchasing a walk through metal detector, you should consider the following points.

1. Sensitivity

The sensitivity of the walk through metal detector is divided into three levels: A, B, and C. Level A is generally used in prisons, chip detection and other high-standard fields, while civil aviation regulations are generally level B, and the detection uniformity is very high. Since the principle of the metal detection walk through metal detector may be that the metal object passes through the magnetic field generated by the columns on both sides of the door, the magnetic field induction occurs and the alarm is triggered, which will lead to the phenomenon that the sensitivity will decrease from both sides of the door panel to the middle area, that is, the sensitivity of the two sides close to the door panel will be higher than that in the middle. Now many walk through metal detector manufacturers claim that they can detect a metal the size of a paper clip, but in fact many merchants can only barely detect it when it is very close to the door panels on both sides, and there is no response in the middle.

2. Seismic resistance

The walk through metal detector body should not make continuous noises when it is shaking. The reliability and anti-interference performance of a walk through metal detector directly affect the normal operation of the walk through metal detector. Some companies and users did not pay attention to the relevant aspects when purchasing walk through metal detectors or were deliberately avoided by some manufacturers, resulting in poor reliability of the purchased walk through metal detectors. When there are autumn winds and falling leaves, false alarms are constantly reported, which seriously affects the use of the main hall. The principle of magnetic field induction of the basic walk through metal detector is that when the magnetic field of the walk through metal detector is moving, it is easy to cause false alarms. A walk through metal detector with good quality should not have false alarms when no one passes by, even if the magnetic field oscillates (such as strong wind blowing or hitting the door panel to make the door shake). When someone happens to pass the magnetic field when it oscillates, it is also necessary to ensure that it quickly returns to normal, and it cannot keep reporting false alarms.

walk through metal detector

3. Reliability

The walk through metal detector can be equipped with a nail in the middle of the door. Normal walk through metal detectors should ring once every time you walk through them, and no missed or serial reports are allowed. Poor quality walk through metal detectors will sometimes alarm and sometimes not alarm when approaching their sensitivity limit, and the things placed in the third zone indicate that the alarm is in the fifth zone.

4. Detection effectiveness

A better metal detection walk through metal detector has the function of automatically counting the "number of people passing" and "number of alarms". If the number of people indicated does not match the actual number of people passing, it may lead to the dispatch of reports, which means that there are loopholes in the security inspection.

5 Qualifications and certifications

The production of metal detection walk through metal detectors must have a safety license issued by the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China, must hold a quality and safety inspection certificate from the public security department, and must pass CE certification for export. Many do not have relevant qualifications and certifications, and the majority of users must understand clearly before purchasing.

The above are some things that should be paid attention to when purchasing walk through metal detectors. When purchasing, try to choose a brand. The brand is not a temporary rise, but has grown through time and people's recognition. Therefore, the quality of the product can be guaranteed in all aspects.

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