Security inspection machine operators need to know this knowledge!

  • Mon 06,2024

Essential Knowledge for Security Inspection Machine Operators

Security inspection machines are electronic devices that are widely used in daily life. What are the key points that security inspectors should pay attention to during daily operation? Let me tell you!

(1) Select full-time express security inspection machine operators and provide professional training.

(2) Before plugging in the security inspection machine, first check whether there is any problem with the host power supply, whether the display screen, keyboard, cable are damaged, and whether the equipment is placed stably. Check whether the lead curtains at the entrance and exit of the channel are intact, whether all the equipment shells are covered, and whether the equipment socket is reliably grounded.

(3) After the security inspection machine is powered on, check whether the conveyor belt is operating normally and whether there are any spikes and stains that may harm the inspected luggage.

(4) The machines that generate x-rays in the security inspection machine are all influential and must be completed carefully. When the x-ray lamp is on, all parts of the human body cannot enter the security inspection port.

(5) All debugging and maintenance of the security inspection machine must be performed by professional technicians. No modification or addition of any accessories shall be allowed without permission.

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(6) Do not stand or sit on the conveyor belt while it is running. Do not touch the edge of the conveyor belt and the rollers at both ends with your hands. When the conveyor belt does not move or stops and starts, check immediately whether the roller and the conveyor belt are slipping or stuck, otherwise the electric roller will burn out.

(7) Please select the voltage indicated on the security inspection machine. To avoid leakage, please connect the leakage protection switch before connecting to the host power supply.

(8) Do not place water cups and food on the security inspection machine operating table and equipment. Liquid seepage into the equipment will cause a short circuit.

(9) When the operating temperature of the security inspection machine is lower than 5℃, it must be turned on and heated 30 minutes in advance. Water marks on the luggage should be removed before the luggage passes.

(10) When the security inspection machine is not used for a long time, it should be moved to a dry and ventilated place for storage and plugged in for operation once every 15 days.

The above is the complete introduction of the security inspection machine. I hope that the staff will pay more attention to the following points when operating it to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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