AI Intelligence Walk Through Metal Detector ZA5000

Model::about 2 2500(H)x 700~800(L)x 600(WmmChannel size:channel width 2700mm
Weight::about 130kg
Working voltage::AC220V 50/60Hz
emperature measurement::range:30-50 C accuracy:0.3
Temperature measurement time::-7s
Accuracy::Detection rate>95%
Detection speed::Passed by 2 40 people per minute

  • Product Detail

  I.Function characteristics:

  1.1,intelligent detection using the electromagnetic induction principle,tested the materialof metal object information,and the integration technology of weak signal detectiontechnology,digital signal processing technology,precision filter,the object to be  measured through the different dimensions of integrated intelligent analysis and contrast

  the product database,so as to realize the contraband from everyday items.This product can effectively eliminate the interference of coins,glasses,watches,belt buckles,magnets,keys,cigarettes,lighters,stainless steel cups,umbrellas and other,daily carrying items and accurately distinguish whether to carry mobile phones,mobile  hard disks,laptops,ipads,digital cameras,video cameras and other confidential  electronic products;



  In addition,the product can also detect controlled knives,controlled guns,metal pipe body  and other prohibited items,and the classification of alarm items display;

  1.2 fast detection speed:the detection speed only needs 1-2S,the number of people

  passing≥40 people per minute;

  1.3 high accuracy:the detection rate is more than 95%.

  II.Detection range(mode optional):

  2.1.Mode 1:Daily use mode(mobile phone,watch,keys and related digital electronic



  2.2.Mode 2:Contraband detection mode(control knife and gun,metal pipe body,metal

  steel pipe,etc.)


  2.3.Mode 3:custom mode,in this mode we divided the total tool sword,stainless steel

  cup,steel pipe,aluminum copper piece of gold,aluminium cans,cans,cell phone camera

  electronic products,watches,belts,large pieces of stainless steel 9 categories,can

  according to the needs of different clients,different testing environment requirements and

  the key test items,whether alarm Settings,the following figure:


  III.Application Scenarios:

  This set of equipment system is suitable for many industries such as secret protection

  bureau,prison,detention house,public resource trading center,army,military enterprise,public security,examination center,government unit,drug treatment center,RESEARCH

  and development center,commercial conference place,large enterprise,production

  factory and so on.

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Leave A Message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.

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