Routine inspection and maintenance of X-ray security inspection machine

  • Mon 05,2024

Ensuring Safety: Routine Inspection and Maintenance of X-Ray Security Inspection Machines

In order to ensure the safe travel of people in high-speed railways and railway stations, X-ray security inspection machines are installed. What points should we pay attention to when choosing X-ray security inspection machines, and how to install and maintain them on a daily basis?

1. Things to note when selecting a safe channel X-ray security inspection machine

         1. Brand image of safe channel X-ray security inspection equipment

         Choosing a well-known security inspection product will be safer and more secure in terms of production quality control and after-sales. Generally, it has absolute advantages such as long service life, low failure rate, and less after-sales.

         2. Safe passage type security inspection X-ray machine equipment motor

         The motor of the X-ray security inspection machine is a key component and plays a key role in the service life of the X-ray security inspection machine. When choosing a good X-ray security inspection machine, you must first consider its motor brand and service life. Choosing a good motor depends on the X-ray security inspection machine. The service life of the security inspection machine.

         3. After-sales service of safe channel security X-ray machine manufacturers

         The after-sales service of security inspection machine manufacturers is the fundamental guarantee. After-sales service is one of the cores of the entire sales process of security inspection equipment. A good security inspection machine manufacturer first handles after-sales service. Only good after-sales service can ensure the popularity of the manufacturer.

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2. The daily general inspection of the security inspection channel type X-ray security inspection machine has the following three points:

         1. Use the AC measurement setting of the multimeter to check that the power supply voltage should be within the range of 220*(1+-10%)V, and check whether there is a ground wire in the power supply. In normal use, a ground wire with a ground wire resistor must be assembled.

         2. Check whether the lead curtains at both ends of the tunnel are intact.

         3. Check whether the main detection board level circuit and operating buttons are intact.

3. Inspection after installation and maintenance of security channel-type X-ray security inspection machine:

         1. Use a multimeter to check whether there is grounding or short circuit in the electrical detection system of the X-ray security inspection machine.

         2. Check whether the screws in the channel are intact and whether there are any debris under the conveyor belt or channel.

         3. Press and hold the power button of the host, the power indicator light of the host will light up, turn the system power key switch, the system software will be powered on, the green light of the work indicator light of the tester will light up, and the display will show the startup state.

         4. When the X-ray security inspection machine equipment display screen shows normal use during security inspection, press the forward or backward button on the operating desktop, and the motor drives the conveyor belt to run, and the system software can enter the normal working state.

         5. Whether the staff have been trained on the performance of X-ray security inspection machines and pre-job psychological training.

         6. The working part cannot be moved frequently. The cable part of the equipment should be adjusted to a position where it is not easy to encounter and protected.

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