ZOAN mobile phone detection door, a powerful assistant for the security inspection of digital electronic products

  • Mon 05,2024

Enhance Security with ZOAN Mobile Phone Detection Door: A Powerful Tool for Digital Product Inspections

The smartphone detection door uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to obtain the material information of the metal object being detected. At the same time, it integrates weak signal detection technology, precision filtering technology, and digital signal processing technology to conduct comprehensive intelligent analysis of the measured object through different dimensions and compare it with the product database. , thereby achieving the separation of contraband and daily necessities. This product can effectively eliminate the interference of coins, glasses, watches, belt buckles, magnets, keys, cigarettes, lighters, stainless steel water cups, umbrellas and other daily carry-on items, and accurately identify whether you are carrying a mobile phone, mobile hard drive, laptop, Ipad , digital cameras, video cameras, etc.

Why choose a mobile phone detection door? What is the use of a mobile phone detection door?

Compared with traditional detection equipment, the detection of mobile phone security gates is more targeted. It can effectively solve the management problems of mobile phone electronic products in camps, government agencies, important conference venues, scientific research sites and other confidential institutions, as well as schools, examination rooms, examination questions and marking and other education systems. Technology is becoming more and more developed, and now smart digital Electronic products have also become increasingly popular, and leaks and harmful incidents caused by illegal use are common problems faced by places and enterprises. After the application and improvement of mobile phone security gates, the technology is relatively mature, the performance is more stable, and the false positive and false alarm rates are also very low. It is a necessary choice to strengthen the management of electronic products.

Application scenarios:

The mobile phone detection door equipment system is suitable for security bureaus, prisons, detention centers, public resource trading centers, the military, military industrial enterprises, public security, examination centers, government units, drug rehabilitation centers, R&D centers, commercial conference venues, large enterprises, production factories and many other industries

Daily necessities + contraband detection mode: The detection door is installed at the channel location designated by Party A, which can eliminate mechanical watches, belt buckles, keychains and other daily metal items carried by the person being detected, and inform the person being detected whether they are carrying a mobile phone. and other electronic products, and perform sound and light alarms; the detection door has no size requirements for the detected mobile phone screens. For example, there is no requirement that it can only detect mobile phones with screens of 4 inches or above. In addition to detecting daily necessities such as mobile phones, this mode can also detect most contraband (controlled guns, controlled knives, switch knives, machetes, tinplate cans, aluminum cans, iron pipes, aluminum pipes, etc. that are easily filled with steel grit and steel nailed metal pipes and tanks, belt bombs, vest bombs, etc.) to conduct sound and light alarms, and prompt the type of alarm items

The mobile phone detection door can accurately identify mobile phones, digital cameras, voice recorders, tablets, mobile hard drives and other confidential electronic products in any state such as standby, shutdown, battery removal, airplane mode, etc., regardless of whether the mobile phone is wrapped in copper foil5 Whether the layer or mobile phone battery is placed in the pocket or hidden on the inner thigh, as long as the person being tested passes through it, it can quickly alarm and display the human body location based on its location.

During the detection process, it can effectively avoid the interference of large bunches of keys, belt buckles, zippers, metal buttons, jewelry, stainless steel water cups, umbrellas and other daily carry-on items, and avoid false alarms and misreports caused by prohibited items. , the accuracy rate is as high as 99%, making mobile phone electronic products invisible.

The mobile phone detection door can not only quickly carry out security inspections but also measure temperatures.

1. Infrared thermal imaging sensorless temperature measurement

2. Temperature measurement range 30-50℃, temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.3

3. Built-in speaker voice alarm and abnormal red display alarm

4. Thermal imaging probe 2 million visible light resolution 1920*1080, thermal imaging resolution 256*192

Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.3℃; Temperature measurement distance: 1-5 meters;

5. Daily necessities mode (mobile phones, watches, keys and related digital electronic products)

6. Contraband detection mode (controlled knives and guns, metal pipes, metal steel pipes, etc.)

7. Custom mode, in this mode we have divided into 9 categories: tools, knives and guns, stainless steel cups, steel pipes, aluminum blocks, copper nuggets and gold bars, aluminum cans, mobile phones, cameras, electronic products, watches, belts, and large pieces of stainless steel, which can be customized according to different customers , different detection environment requirements and the types of items that need to be focused on detection, whether to alarm or not, and customized settings.

8. The detection technology utilizes the principle of electromagnetic induction and intelligent AI judgment function, and adopts digital signal processing technology.

9. Equipped with an LCD touch screen of no less than 18.5 inches, which can display information such as alarm category, alarm location, number of people passing through, number of alarms, body temperature, etc., and can debug the parameters of the equipment through remote control or touch screen.

10. The detection system control module should reserve peripheral interfaces so that the person under inspection can carry a mobile phone to alarm and directly link with the gate.

11. Comply with GB15210-2018 "General Technical Specifications for Pass-through Metal Detection Doors" and pass CE, ROHS, FCC, MA, AL, CNAS, ilac-MRA certification, etc.

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