How X-ray security inspection machines distinguish contraband

  • Mon 05,2024

Decoding Contraband: How X-Ray Security Inspection Machines Identify Forbidden Items

The X-ray security inspection machine pushes a strong but short current pulse through the wire coil. Each pulse forms a short magnetic field. When a piece of metal passes through a magnetic field, it will also produce a reflective magnetic field. This magnetic field then reflects with the signal receiver coil, turning on the alarm system. This raw maximum lasts for a few microseconds (millionths of a second) and allows the amount of current to flow through the coil. The subsequent amount of current is called a reflector pulse and lasts only 30 microseconds.

1. Image monitoring method

The image surveillance method directly determines the object based on the X-ray image configuration of the X-ray security inspection machine. Therefore, whether the object is suspicious lies in the image on the monitor or display system. Abnormalities or unusual objects on the monitor or monitor should be considered suspicious objects. Objects that cannot be accurately identified should also be considered suspicious and should be carefully investigated, with images located and analyzed as necessary.

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2. Color analysis method

What is the color analysis method of X-ray security inspection machine? It is based on the X-ray image indicating different colors and different types of material information, and then identifying the material specifications. The color displayed on the monitor reflects the density, mass and quantity of the object. Therefore, the quality of the object can also be assessed based on the depth of the image's tones.

Yellow is generally the color of individual pieces of clothing, thin plastic, and a little paper. Orange is generally the color of soap, soap, explosives, drugs, wood, leather, etc. Dark orange is usually a large amount of books, paper, RMB, highly concentrated liquid, large bags of rice and noodles. Blue is the color of copper, iron, zinc and other inorganic substances. Thick cables, electric shocks, bullets, fluted bullets, guns and knives show varying depths. Blue and green are mixed material colors. Stainless steel products, cables, etc. appear in different shades of green. Red is the color that cannot penetrate objects, usually heavy metals and thick objects.

3.Recover judgment

Due to different placement of focus points, the objects in the suitcase have various shapes and even deform under the X-ray image of the X-ray security inspection machine, thereby changing the original appearance. It can help restore the shape by turning the suitcase upside down or adjusting the focus point of the suitcase in the X-ray system channel.

4.Analysis hierarchy process

According to scientific research on overlapping target images, we need to find some overlapping targets from the edges of non-overlapping targets, and then identify the original shape of the target through different levels of analysis of color shapes.

5. Feature recognition

Any target has its specific internal shape. Security inspectors should keep in mind the shapes and characteristics of many objects on the monitor and then determine what type of objects they are. For example, facial cleanser and hairspray indicate the same color, but the hairspray has an activation button.

The above are some methods for checking contraband with X-ray security inspection machines. Have you learned these methods?

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