Hospital security inspection may be more troublesome, but it also has an extra layer of protection.

  • Mon 05,2024

Enhanced Protection: The Benefits of Hospital Security Inspections

At around 11:37 on May 7, 2024, a knife attack occurred at Chengnan Hospital in Zhenxiong County, Yunnan, resulting in 2 deaths and 21 injuries. The Public Security Bureau of Zhenxiong County, Yunnan Province reported that at 17:00 that day, the suspect Li (male, Han nationality, 40 years old, from Poji Town, Zhenxiong County) had been captured by the public security organs in the county.


According to video footage provided by family members of patients in Chengnan Hospital, at about 13:00 on the 7th, medical staff were performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other rescue measures on several injured patients lying on the ground. The injured included adult men, elderly women and a doctor. In another clinic with hospital beds, no less than six injured patients were receiving emergency treatment.

"Today I felt a little uncomfortable and went to get some medicine with my friend. I saw the crime scene on the first floor of the outpatient hall. The murderer had already run away. Some people were curious and looked there. Some were scared and hid quickly, but overall There were quite a lot of people at the scene," an eyewitness told a Southern Weekend reporter.

Zhenxiong County has a permanent population of 1.71 million and is known as the most populous county in Yunnan Province. Chengnan Hospital (Zhenxiong County People's Hospital) is a tertiary general hospital with 1,500 beds. It is also the central hospital of the West China Hospital Regional Alliance of Sichuan University. In the hearts of local people, this hospital is the first choice hospital for common diseases. This means that this is a stable and crowded place in the local area.


"Violent medical incident"

"Injurious incident of social revenge nature"

"Medical behavior"

"Terrorist attacks"


So, is security check necessary?



After reading the above news, are you glad that hospital security has intercepted many "potential dangers" for you?

Whether it is this incident or the vicious injuries that have occurred in hospitals in recent years (not only against doctors and nurses, but also indiscriminate attacks). Various dangerous goods and controlled knives collected at the hospital security checkpoint remind us of the importance of hospital security inspections all the time. Strict implementation of safety inspections is very necessary, and hospital security inspections should not be underestimated.

Requirements for security inspection facilities

The National Health Commission issued the "Notice on Issuing the Guidelines for the Management of Security System Construction Projects in Large Hospitals in 2021 (National Health Office Medical Letter [2021] No. 248)", which clearly proposed to strengthen the construction of hospital security systems and the promotion and deployment of security inspections.

hospital security

hospital security

hospital security

In order to meet relevant requirements, ZOAN intelligent security inspection machines and security gates use AI image recognition algorithms to realize automatic identification of dangerous goods and contraband, reducing the chance of missed detection by security personnel, and cooperate with sound and light linkage alarms and person-package correlation , while ensuring safety, improving traffic efficiency, reducing admission queuing time, facilitating the passage of patients and medical staff, and improving overall satisfaction.

So what items cannot be brought into the hospital?

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List of prohibited and restricted items in the hospital

1. Prohibited items

(1) Firearms and ammunition: standard guns, non-standard guns, imitation guns; guns equipped with bullets, grenades, grenades, bombs, etc.

(2) Controlled instruments: daggers, triangular knives, spring knives with self-locking devices and other similar single-edged, double-edged, triangular-pointed knives; crossbows and other controlled instruments.

(3) Explosive, toxic, radioactive, corrosive, infectious disease pathogens and other dangerous substances: various types of gunpowder, explosives and their products, and ignition and detonation equipment such as detonators and fuses; fireworks and firecrackers; cyanide, pesticides and other highly toxic substances Chemicals; radioactive items; corrosive items such as sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid; infectious pathogens such as Bacillus anthracis; hydrogen, methane, liquefied petroleum gas, water gas, gasoline, kerosene, diesel, ethanol, ether, red phosphorus, yellow phosphorus, calcium carbide ( Carbide), magnesium aluminum powder, potassium permanganate, potassium chlorate and other flammable and explosive dangerous goods.

(4) Various types of drugs: heroin, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, etc.

(5) Other production, trading, storage, transportation, mailing, carrying, use, provision and disposal prohibited by the state


2. Restrictions on carrying items

(1) Kitchen knives, fruit knives, utility knives, scalpels, carving knives, planers, milling cutters and other cutting tools.

(2) Hammers, axes, awls, shovels, spades, picks and other utensils. 

(3) Spears, swords, halberds, darts, slingshots, bows, arrows, electric shock devices and other equipment.

(4) Sticks such as telescopic sticks, nunchucks, and baseball bats.

(5) Tear gas, pepper spray, acid spray, insect repellent animal spray and other substances.

(6) Other items that may cause personal injury or endanger public safety and public order.

What will happen if you don’t cooperate with the security check?

When admitted patients receive medical treatment in the hospital, their legitimate rights and interests are protected by law. Patients and their families should abide by the hospital's safety order management system.

It also stipulates that the hospital shall conduct necessary security checks on persons entering the hospital based on the actual situation. If the hospital is not suitable for equipment safety inspection due to physical or other special reasons, it shall cooperate with manual inspection. The manual inspection shall protect the privacy of the persons being inspected.

Except for critically ill patients, if other personnel refuse to accept safety inspections and forcefully enter the hospital or disrupt the order of the safety inspection site, hospital security personnel should stop them; if the efforts to stop them are ineffective, they should be reported to the public security organs and handled in accordance with the law.

If prohibited items are found during admission security inspection, the hospital should immediately report to the public security organs and cooperate with the public security organs to control the scene; if restricted items are found to be carried, they should be informed to store them; for those who refuse to store and forcibly enter the hospital, hospital security personnel should Stop; if the stop is ineffective, it should be reported to the public security organs and handled in accordance with the law.

So everyone must actively cooperate with the security inspection.

How should hospitals improve security inspection measures?

From the perspective of ensuring the safety of doctors, nurses, admitted patients and accompanying family members, and maintaining order in the hospital, it is necessary to set up a police room in the hospital, and setting up security checks is not redundant. Adding security checks can greatly reduce the level of violent injuries, thereby avoiding the occurrence of vicious cases.

The hospital has already adopted the security inspection model of human inspection + machine inspection for a long time. Contrabands are checked through security inspection machines and gates, as well as security personnel using handheld detectors. However, the equipment invested in hospitals in the past was not only old-fashioned in terms of machine performance, but also had mediocre functions. Therefore, the intelligent security inspection model has brought great benefits to hospitals. The improvement of security inspection measures and the use of intelligent equipment can effectively improve security inspection efficiency and avoid tragedies caused by missed inspections again!

The responsibility of the hospital is to protect the health and safety of the public. Before that, it is necessary to establish a safety barrier for the healthy operation of the hospital. While adding security inspection links to promote the "hardware upgrade" of hospital security, it is also urgent and important to achieve "software update" by enhancing hospital service awareness.



In short, people entering the hospital need to go through security check, which is a very important measure. Security inspection can ensure the safety in the hospital, protect the lives and property of hospital staff and patients, and also prevent security incidents such as terrorist attacks from occurring. Therefore, we should understand and support hospital security inspection measures and contribute to hospital safety.

On the one hand, it is the "trouble" that can be tolerated, and on the other hand, it is life safety. We should be able to balance this clearly.


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