Does the baggage security X-ray machine have a big impact on the film?

  • Mon 06,2024

The new measure has caused many film users to have doubts about the impact of X-ray machines on film. Many friends have consulted about this. For this reason, we have consulted relevant technical literature and hope to help everyone.

Because your photos are important to you, this information serves as a reminder to film users who carry undeveloped film. Use X-ray machines for baggage screening at airports. This more powerful scanning equipment is also being used in many non-airport areas.

The reminders in this document apply to all film formats (135, APS, 120/220, sheet film, 400 reel, instant paper, motion picture film, etc.).

NOTE: Airport scanner X-rays will not affect processed digital camera images or processed film (slides, KODAK PHOTO CDs, or KODAK Picture CD films).

X-ray machines used to check carry-on baggage use very weak X-ray radiation that has no visible effect on most films (the effect is cumulative and may be noticeable after multiple X-rays). However, checked baggage (loaded on an aircraft as cargo) usually passes through a higher-energy X-ray machine. Therefore, take the following precautions for undeveloped film:

1. Do not put disposable cameras or undeveloped film in any baggage that will be checked. This includes cameras with film loaded.

2. If security personnel inform you that your carry-on baggage must be checked or scanned a second time, please remove undeveloped film.

3. Before you go through airport security on your return trip, please have your exposed film developed locally.

4. If you are going to be x-rayed multiple times (more than 5 times), please manually check your carry-on baggage. FAA regulations allow for manual inspection of photographic film and equipment when necessary.

Manual inspection is required for all motion imaging start films. Testing will produce a fog on motion imaging films even after a single X-ray scan. This added fog will flatten the entire toe area of the sensitometric curve, reducing shadow detail in the image. However, explosive trace detection instruments do not pose any risk to the film and can be used in conjunction with manual inspection to provide a non-destructive method of motion film inspection.

x-ray machine


So what are the other benefits of luggage x-ray machines?

Sound and light alarms emit sound and alarm light signals when conditions are met

★ Network interface can be connected to a local area network, and multiple terminals can check luggage at the same time

★ Radiation is safer, and radiation emission is automatically controlled to avoid mis-emission

★ Simple mouse operation control, no keyboard and workbench required, direct mouse control

One-button shutdown control: only one action is needed to shut down: turn the key, and the device will automatically shut down safely. No complicated multi-step operation is required, which is more convenient and concise.

Eagle Eye: You can easily see the currently enlarged area.

Fault self-diagnosis: Automatically judge the fault and give prompt information for easy maintenance.

☆Image processing system:

X-ray sensor L-shaped photodiode array detector (multiple energies optional), 12-bit depth

Display High-resolution 19-inch color LCD display

Color image display 24-bit true color display

Edge enhancement Object outline edges are clearer

Super image enhancement Image details are clearer

High-penetration display Increases the brightness of dark areas in the image, allowing objects hidden behind highly absorbent objects to be clearly displayed.

Low-penetration display Increases the contrast of low-absorption (easy to penetrate) objects, making easy-to-penetrate objects clearer

Magnifier Local magnification function

Brighten/Darken Increase the brightness of the image/reduce the brightness of the image

Image replay Display the previous 20 images, and perform any image processing on the replayed images

Image restoration The image display is restored to the initial state when the belt stops rotating

Image storage Save any image in real time, perform any image processing, and save it continuously.

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