Mini portable handheld raman spectrometer analysis equipment HG1000

Size::160 X 222 X 74 mm
Weight:: 2.3 kg
Spectral range::200 – 3900 cm-1
Resolution rate::8 – 10 cm-1
Laser wavelength::785 nm
Detector::Highly sensitive CCD detector
Laser power::0-500mW adjustable
Display::5.6 inch HD color touch screen
Integration time::100ms – 5s

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  Mini portable handheld raman spectrometer analysis equipment HG1000

  Product Details:

  Type:List of detectable substances(53 species)

Narcotics1. Ice 2. Cocaine
3. Ephedrine             4. Morphine
5. MDMA                 6. PapaVerine
Toxic1.Carbon disulfide2. Methylcyclohexane
3. Trichloromethane4. Acetonitrile
5. n-Hexane
Flammable1.1/2-dichloroethane2.N, N-dimethylformamide (DMF)
3.Benzene (Benzene)4.pyridine
5. acetone6. diesel
7. Butyl butyrate8. xylene
9. cyclohexanone10. cyclohexane
11. toluene12. methanol
13. ethyl formate14. gasoline
15. petroleum ether 90-120 ° 16. tetrahydrofuran
17. nitrobenzene18. ethanol
19. Acetaldehyde20. acetic anhydride
21. Isoamyl acetate (banana water)22. isopropanol
23. isopentane24. n-octane
Corrosive1.sulfuric acid2. hydrogen peroxide
3. Nitric acid4. phosphoric acid
Drugs1.aca phenol        2. Ketamine
3. artificial bezoar metronidazole4. cephalosporins
5. levofloxacin hydrochloride

  Product Features:

  Full color display:5.6-inch resistive touch display.

  Large capacity lithium battery:Built-in charging function,and battery status display function on the panel(full-charge LED green display,red light flash when battery is low),the software interface has power and status display.

  Network function:can be connected via WIFI.

  Data storage function:The test data is automatically saved,and the memory can store 300,000 records.

  Print:wirelessly connect thermal printer,print report on site

  Mobile phone sharing:The software can produce PDF report.After installing the app on the mobile phone,you can connect to the mobile phone through WIFI,send the report to the mobile phone,and the mobile APP can view and send the report.

  Operation:It can be touched or operated by buttons,which is convenient and flexible.

  Build a database and analyze:Users can build their own databases with analysis functions.Users can choose to match data automatically and manually.

  Adjustable laser:The laser output power and acquisition time can be adjusted for different samples,and the application is flexible.

  Virtual keyboard:Embedded Win-8.1 system,with virtual keyboard operation,easy to input.

  USB extension:The device has a USB 2.0 interface,which can easily expand USB devices(U-disk,USB mouse,keyboard,camera,barcode gun,etc.).

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.

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