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  • Tue 03,2024

Inspection System Baggage X ray Machine ZA10080 Manufacturers-Zoan - A High-Quality Security Solution for Efficient Baggage Screening

High-Quality Baggage Screening Systems from Zoan

Zoan, a renowned manufacturer of security equipment, offers the state-of-the-art ZA10080 Inspection System Baggage X-ray machine. Designed to meet the demanding security needs of airports, government buildings, and other high-risk areas, this advanced technology ensures efficient and accurate screening of baggage and parcels.

Reliable Performance and Cutting-Edge Features

The ZA10080 Baggage X-ray machine is specifically engineered for high-volume baggage screening, combining reliability with advanced features to streamline the security process.

With its powerful X-ray generator and high-resolution imaging technology, this machine provides detailed and clear images of the objects inside the baggage. Its dual-energy detection capability enables operators to identify organic and inorganic materials accurately, including explosives, narcotics, and weapons.

Additionally, the ZA10080 features an intelligent conveyor system that automatically adjusts the speed, allowing for seamless processing of various baggage sizes and weights. This enhances operational efficiency and reduces the need for manual intervention, ensuring a smooth and swift screening process.

Compliance with International Safety Standards

As a leading manufacturer, Zoan ensures that the ZA10080 Baggage X-ray machine meets all international safety standards and regulations. It adheres to the ECAC's Standard 3 threat detection requirements, offering a reliable security solution for aviation security.

Moreover, this cutting-edge system is equipped with the latest radiation protection technology, ensuring the safety of both operators and passengers during the screening process. It features radiation shielding and advanced algorithms to minimize radiation exposure to levels well within the acceptable limits.

User-Friendly Interface and Easy Maintenance

Zoan understands the importance of user-friendly interfaces in high-pressure security environments. The ZA10080 Baggage X-ray machine is designed with an intuitive and customizable user interface, allowing operators to efficiently navigate and analyze scanned images.

Additionally, this machine is equipped with sophisticated diagnostic tools and self-calibration capabilities, minimizing the need for extensive maintenance and ensuring optimal performance over an extended operational period.

Comprehensive Technical Support and Services

Zoan is committed to providing outstanding customer service and technical support to ensure the seamless operation of the ZA10080 Baggage X-ray machine. Their dedicated team of experts offers prompt assistance, including installation, training, and regular maintenance, to address any operational concerns or issues that may arise.

Furthermore, Zoan provides customized solutions, tailoring their products to meet specific security requirements. Their expertise and flexibility make them a trusted partner for security-sensitive organizations worldwide.


In summary, the ZA10080 Baggage X-ray machine offered by Zoan is a top-of-the-line security solution that combines advanced technology, reliable performance, and compliance with international safety standards. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive support services, Zoan ensures that customers receive a high-quality product tailored to their specific security needs.

Choose Zoan and experience unparalleled security with the ZA10080 Baggage X-ray machine!


ZOAN GAOKE is one professional security equipment manufacturer,which was established in 2005,the total business space is 3000m²,with more than 200 employees.For years we devoted to public security,anti-terrorism equipment research,development,production,marketing and service,and we offer one-stop security solution to our clients from all the world.

The company have 6 series production lines,such as Under Vehicle Surveillance System,X-ray Baggage scanner,explosives and drug detection equipment,liquid&gas detector,metal detection equipment and etc.All the products have passed CE/FCC/CCC/ROHS Certificates,and have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions.The products is widely used in large-scale events,meetings,exhibitions,political and legal departments,highways,ports and other places.

Shenzhen Zoan Gaoke Electronics Co.,Ltd.

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