Zoan ZA800BX: High-Sensitivity Explosive Trace Detection

  • Mon 03,2024


The Zoan ZA800BX is an advanced explosive trace detection (ETD) system that offers high sensitivity and accuracy in the detection of explosive and narcotic substances. This cutting-edge technology provides security personnel with a reliable and efficient solution for screening individuals, baggage, and cargo for potential threats.

Sensitivity and Accuracy

The Zoan ZA800BX utilizes state-of-the-art detection technology to achieve high levels of sensitivity and accuracy. The system is capable of detecting even trace amounts of explosive or narcotic substances, ensuring that no potentially dangerous materials go undetected. Its advanced algorithms and signal processing capabilities allow for reliable and precise identification, minimizing false alarms and enhancing security efficiency.

Operational Excellence

Designed for ease of use, the Zoan ZA800BX offers intuitive operation and a user-friendly interface. The system can be easily integrated into existing security infrastructures, providing seamless integration with other screening equipment. Its compact design and mobility make it suitable for deployment in various environments, from airports and seaports to government buildings and public events.

Data Management and Reporting

The Zoan ZA800BX features comprehensive data management and reporting capabilities, enabling security personnel to efficiently analyze and track screening results. The system generates detailed reports with information on detected substances, alarm rates, and user statistics, empowering security personnel with valuable insights for decision-making and resource allocation.

Compliance and Certification

The Zoan ZA800BX complies with international standards and regulations for explosive trace detection. It has undergone rigorous testing and certification to ensure its performance and reliability. The system meets the stringent requirements set by aviation authorities, transportation security agencies, and law enforcement organizations, making it a trusted solution for enhancing security measures.


The Zoan ZA800BX is a high-sensitivity explosive trace detection system that offers exceptional performance and reliability. Its advanced technology, ease of use, and comprehensive data management capabilities make it an ideal choice for security screening applications. By providing accurate and efficient detection of explosive and narcotic substances, the Zoan ZA800BX plays a crucial role in safeguarding public safety and maintaining security in various high-risk environments.


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