What is x ray baggage scanner?

  • Thu 12,2023

  X ray baggage scanner,or called x ray luggage scanner,is a new type of security inspection equipment that uses X-rays to penetrate and inspect baggage and cargo without unpacking and checking.Applicable to government agencies,transportation,logistics,courts,procuratorates,prisons,embassies,factories,schools,hospitals,stadiums,exhibition halls and entertainment venues for briefcases,parcels,express delivery,hand luggage and small parcel security inspections,etc.

  (1)Description of x ray luggage scanner

  Our product ZA5030A belongs to the Linux product family,which is completely designed and manufactured by our own company.Every year,we invest a lot of manpower and resources in the development of new technologies and models.We own all copyrights and patents from design to software.

  Imaging process function:color/black and white,partial enhancement,super enhancement of high penetration,enhancement of low penetration,super enhancement,negative film,brightening,darkening,grayscale scanning,zoom in and zoom out,previous/next.


  System functions:power-on self-check,multi-level user management,image management,TIP management,curve diagnosis,keyboard diagnosis,device information query,multi-format image export,OSD operation function,image mirroring,continuous 1-16 times magnification,magnifying glass,Operator training,accurate positioning of package images,empty channel reminder,remote operation software,one-key shutdown and intelligent roller engine(optional).

  (2)Features of x ray luggage scanner

  We anticipate the specific needs of each application and distribute X-ray control solutions,from packaging to luggage.In order to provide safer and faster throughput at airport security checkpoints,we provide checkpoint security solutions to meet the demand for non-intrusive inspection of small to large luggage.

  Our solutions are suitable for airport security,cruise ship security,border crossings and government agencies.All of our checkpoint solutions have multi-energy imaging capabilities and a variety of image processing functions.These standard functions can achieve excellent image quality and functionality because objects of all sizes can easily pass through metal detectors.

  For use in stadiums,railway stations or event venues,we provide a series of durable and waterproof solutions,because the trust in the radiograph is our top priority.

  A series of discrete and mobile solutions have also been proposed to ensure the safety of hotels or cruise ships.

  At present,X-ray baggage scanners can be used in many fields.In addition to airports and railway stations,it also applies to cargo flows.we hope this article has helped you understand more about x ray luggage scanners and our products,if any interested in our products,pls contact with us.

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