How to maintain the explosive narcotics trace detector

  • Fri 11,2023

  As portable explosives drugs detector play an increasingly important role in our security checks,Based on the principle of ion mobility spectrometry,it can accurately detect particles or vapor of explosives and narcotics,and report the ingredient names.With the superior technical features of fast response,high precision,low power consumption and easy to operate and maintain,the Detector is widely used for security check in airports,seaports,customs checkpoints,border crossings,metro stations,railway stations and other importation occasions.This article provides the essential procedures on how to maintain the Detector.

  Before maintenance:

  1.The user is prohibited to open the shell or disassemble the ion drift tube in any condition.Otherwise,the manufacturer has the right to refuse to provide any maintenance service.

  2.Any maintenance operation should be carried out in the state of disconnecting the power to avoid the danger of burn or electric shock.

  3.If there is no test for a long time,the detector is still necessary to operate at least 3-5 times a month to ensure the Detector works well.


  Daily maintenance

  Check whether the instrument is in good condition before each use,and follow the correct steps in accordance with the instructions during use.Clean after use,keep it in a safe place,cool and dry.Correction is also required before and after use,and maintenance is performed after use.The user must read the manual carefully,operate from elementary to advanced level,study and summarize repeatedly,and strive to be handy.People who are not familiar with the operation should not use the machine blindly.After the instrument is used,immediately cut off the power,water,and air sources,clean up the site and cover with a dust cover.Regular inspection and maintenance,it is best to conduct a maintenance inspection every few months.

  Parts inventory management

  According to the equipment life cycle,prepare equipment spare parts update and purchase plan.Any kind of equipment has a life cycle,and includes two periods of maintenance cycle and replacement cycle.With the construction and operation of the equipment information construction project,the information of the equipment life cycle will be displayed to us through the computer.The equipment life cycle table provided provides strong support for the preparation of equipment spare parts plans.It can greatly improve the accuracy and timeliness of spare parts planning,thereby reducing the pressure caused by opportunity costs.Use equipment diagnosis technology to timely diagnose and eliminate unexpected accidents caused by equipment deterioration.The economic losses caused by equipment accidents are huge,especially some sudden accidents can cause both personal injury and economic loss of property.In actual work,it is necessary to eliminate the phenomenon of man-made deterioration in the operation of the equipment,and it is also necessary to use equipment diagnosis technology to find the abnormal state of the equipment as soon as possible,and formulate a handling plan under abnormal conditions.The application of diagnostic technology is not only to eliminate hidden dangers of accidents,but also to reduce the huge economic losses caused by equipment accidents.

  Careful and meticulous maintenance,correct operation,reasonable use,and careful maintenance of the equipment can prevent abnormal wear and damage of equipment parts,extend the repair interval,and reduce maintenance costs.There are mainly two forms of maintenance waste:one is equipment disrepair.This is due to missing items in the equipment inspection,inaccurate forecasts,or insufficient funds,not paying attention to the equipment,and repairing the equipment.The second is excess maintenance.This is due to excessive maintenance arrangements for the equipment,and excessive pursuit of the integrity of the equipment performance,such as requiring repairing the old as new,and requiring excess functions to cause maintenance waste.

  We hope this article has helped you understand more about the accuracy of explosive narcotics trace detector!Pls kindly contact us if you have any questions.

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