How does the X-Ray baggage scanner distinguish dangerous goods such as explosives, drugs, guns and knives?

  • Fri 11,2023

  How does the X-Ray baggage scanner distinguish dangerous goods such as explosives, drugs, guns and knives?With the economic development becoming more and more developed today, people’s living standards are improving, and the requirements for safety are getting higher and higher. At the same time, due to the war in the external third world, terrorist extremists and other factors, airports, railway stations, and mass gathering places Equipped with security inspection equipment is becoming more and more high-end.


  The security X-ray machine is a necessary equipment for the security inspection channel. How this equipment distinguishes dangerous goods such as explosives, drugs, guns and knives should start from the principle of the security inspection machine.


  The security inspection machine is an electronic device that transports the checked baggage into the X-ray inspection channel by means of a conveyor belt to complete the inspection. The baggage enters the X-ray inspection channel, and the package detection sensor will be blocked. The detection signal will be sent to the system control part to generate an X-ray trigger signal. The X-ray source is triggered to emit an X-ray beam, and the X-ray beam passes through the inspected on the conveyor belt Items, X-rays are absorbed by the inspected items, and finally bombard the semiconductor detector installed in the channel. The detector converts X-rays into signals. These weak signals are amplified and sent to the signal processing box for further processing. After these signals are processed, they are displayed on the display screen.



  "No matter how many layers of the bag are, X-rays can penetrate, layer by layer the items in the bag are displayed." Relying on different colors to identify dangerous items, multi-energy color organic matter is displayed in orange, inorganic matter is displayed in blue, and the mixture The display is green, high-energy/low-energy two-energy switching display, high-energy display metal, etc., low-energy display non-metal. In the image display system, X-ray sensor L-shaped photodiode array detector (multi-energy optional), 12bit depth, high The penetrating display improves the brightness of the dark area in the image, so that the objects hidden behind the high-absorption objects are clearly displayed. The low-penetration display improves the contrast of the objects with low absorption rate (easy to penetrate), so that the easily penetrating objects are clearer; therefore X The optical security inspection machine is not a decoration, but actually takes on the work of railway safety guarding.


  How does the x-ray baggage machine detect these dangerous items?


  1. Image monitoring method


  The image monitoring method judges the object directly from the X-ray fluoroscopic image configuration. Therefore, whether the object is suspicious depends on the image on the monitor or display. Uncommon or unusual objects appearing on the display or monitor should be regarded as suspicious objects. Those items that cannot be accurately identified should also be regarded as suspicious items and need to be investigated carefully, and the images can be located and analyzed as needed.


  2. Color analysis


  color analysis method is based on the different material data in the X-ray image to appear different colors, and then identify the type of material. The various colors appearing on the monitor are the reflection of the density, quality and quantity of the object. Therefore, the quality of the object can be evaluated according to the color depth of the image.


  light yellow, usually the color of a single piece of clothing, thin plastic, and a small amount of paper.


  Orange, generally the color of soap, saffron, explosives, drugs, woodware, leather products, etc.


  Dark orange, generally large quantities of books, paper, renminbi, high-concentration liquids, large bags of rice noodles, etc.


  Blue is the color of inorganic substances such as copper, iron, and zinc. Thick cables, electric shocks, bullets, gun slot bullets, guns and knives, etc. show different depths


  Green is the color that appears in the mixture, and stainless steel products, cables, etc. appear to be green that is inconsistent. Red is the color that appears on impenetrable objects, mostly heavy metals and thick objects.


  3. Restoration Judgment


  The items in the luggage, due to different viewpoints, appear in different shapes under the X-ray image, and even deform, so that they change their original appearance. It can be reversed from the beginning or change the viewpoint of the luggage in the X-ray system channel to help restore the shape.


  4. Analytic Hierarchy Process


  Investigate the images of overlapping objects. It is possible to enter some of the overlapping objects from the unoverlapped edges of the objects, and then analyze the different levels of colors and shapes to determine the original shape of the object.


  5. Feature Discrimination Method


  Any object has its specific external shape. Security personnel should keep in mind the shape and characteristics of various objects on the monitor, and then determine what kind of objects they are. For example, facial cleanser and hair spray show the same color, but there is a start button on the hair spray.

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