How to install walk through metal detector?

  • Wed 11,2023

As people become more and more aware of security checks, we see security check machines everywhere, such as airports, train stations, bus stations, customs, factories, hotels, hospitals, etc. Security check has become a must-have for us. In life, people are confused about how to install it after purchasing it. Zoan Gaoke security equipment manufacturer will tell you how to install the door frame metal detector.

1. Installation environment

Keep away from metal objects. We know that metal detectors use electromagnetic fields to detect whether metal objects are carried. Therefore, when installing a through-metal detector, it should be 30 cm away from fixed metal objects. If it is a large movable metal object, it should be about 50 cm away from the device. Otherwise it will affect the sensitivity and produce false alarms.

Keep the installation floor level. The ground should be level and fixed to avoid equipment movement due to the movement of people or the impact of other objects.

Avoid electromagnetic radiation interference. Since the device's technology works via electromagnetic fields, any source of electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic radiation may affect detection. The distance parameters vary depending on the installation environment.

2. How to install a security gate metal detector?

First of all, please read the precautions carefully before installing the metal detector, including the above-mentioned installation environment, to ensure the normal operation of the product and avoid external interference. Installation may vary for each device, see manual for details.

Take the detector out of the box and inspect it according to the instructions. Place the door panel on the ground and use the bolts that connect the door panel to the beam. The bolts must be tightened. Open the lower cover of the front beam and insert the probe cable into the hole on the host beam. Use bolts to connect the main frame to the beam, and then tighten the bolts. Insert the signal wire into the corresponding holes on the left and right according to the color. Tighten the right door panel, tighten the retaining ring, and close the cover. Install and move the metal detector to the designated installation location. Connect the power cord to the power connector on the side of the console. Then press the power button to enter working mode.e2b07327-b056-481e-af31-649de65187ba.jpg

3. Precautions during installation

Pay attention to the installation environment, including ground conditions, whether it is close to metal, whether it is close to electromagnetic fields, etc.

Before installation, distinguish the left and right sides of the motherboard and panel. If the direction markings are not clear, follow the same direction as the button panel on the motherboard and the lights on the panel.

Set screws between the panel and the motherboard to avoid shutting down, affecting detection accuracy and causing accidents. Therefore, the screws must be tightened.

Zoan Gaoke security equipment manufacturer can help you understand and use metal detection security gates. If you have any needs or interest in our walk-through metal detectors, please contact us.

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