Mobile Under Vehicle Inspection Surveillance System

  • Wed 11,2023

A fixed under-vehicle surveillance system is a surveillance system that is installed on the underside of a vehicle and typically operates in a static manner. This system is designed to provide continuous monitoring of areas under the vehicle to increase vehicle safety, reduce blind spots and log potential safety issues. Here are some general characteristics about fixed under-vehicle surveillance systems:

Camera installation:

Fixed under-vehicle surveillance systems include one or more cameras that are typically mounted in fixed locations on the underside of the vehicle. The location of cameras may vary depending on specific surveillance needs.

Wide angle view:

Cameras typically have wide-angle lenses to ensure coverage of the entire underbody area of the vehicle, including wheels, chassis and other important parts.

HD images:

In order to provide clear surveillance images, fixed under-vehicle surveillance systems often use high-definition camera technology, which helps detect and record details of the underside area more accurately.

Night vision function:

Some fixed under-vehicle surveillance systems are equipped with night vision capabilities, using infrared or other low-light technology to ensure effective monitoring at night or in low-light conditions.

Video recording and storage:

Systems usually have recording and storage capabilities that can save bottom surveillance images or videos in internal storage devices. This is important for post-mortem reviews, accident analysis or safety records.

Waterproof and Durable:

Since vehicles operate in different environmental and weather conditions, fixed under-vehicle monitoring systems often feature waterproof and durable designs to ensure they work properly in a variety of conditions.


These systems may be integrated with other safety equipment and systems on the vehicle, such as on-board monitoring systems, GPS tracking devices or other sensors.

Fixed under-vehicle monitoring systems are beneficial for improving the overall safety and management capabilities of the vehicle. They can be used in many different application scenarios, including public transportation, freight vehicles, special vehicles, etc. Selecting the appropriate fixed under-vehicle surveillance system should be based on the specific vehicle type, use and safety needs.

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